Steven Sico | NJ Bankruptcy & Divorce Attorney

Providing Family Law Representation

The Law Office Steven J. Sico provides comprehensive family law services and representation for various case types. We know the ins and outs of the court system and understand how to help people involved in family law cases. We help create and find solutions for families in crisis. We assist with divorce, child custody, and domestic violence matters. Contact the Law Office Steven J. Sico at 732-636-2660 to discuss your family law matters with an experienced attorney.

Going Through a Divorce?

The Law Office Steven J. Sico offers legal representation for individuals divorcing. We ask full disclosure from our clients to better understand the facts of your case. We keep confidentially with our clients. Information we ask from our clients includes marital status, prior marriages or relationships, any addictions or other adults involved in the marriage, taxes, the income of both parties, children, police interventions, and any other pertinent information to build your divorce case. 

Child Custody Matters

The Law Office Steven J. Sico works with you to find the best outcome for you and your family. We help arrange for modifying child support, visitation, and custody. We understand your family is your top priority. We create solutions in the best interest of your child or children.

Domestic Violence

If you are involved in domestic violence, the Law Office Steven J. Sico wants to help you. We take the time to understand your case to represent you. Again, we ask for full disclosure from our clients to create a solid case on your behalf. We may ask for information such as involvement with family services, police interventions, prior marriages, addictions, or other adult participants involved in the marriage.